Risk Spotlight: Scaffold Planking & Wind Uplift Article by Ascinsure Specialty Risk/Allied Insurance Brokers Risk Engineering (A Gallagher Company) Scaffolding & Construction Access is easily one of the more high-risk areas of the construction industry. Risks such as falls and collapses are some of the most common and talked about dangers to those working within […]

Everyone here at Ascinsure Specialty Risk, as well as our retail division of Allied Insurance Brokers, is extremely excited to be the newest members of the Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. family. Over the years, Ascinsure has been dedicated to delivering our unique specialty insurance solutions and insight to our broker-partners and their insureds. This […]

Common Crane Risk

by Mike Viola

Cranes continue to be an essential resource in the construction industry. While the latest advancements in technology and information available have preserved the safety of many employees, common crane risks can lead to injuries and fatalities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists hundreds of crane-related deaths in their latest Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report. […]

Scaffolding: A Necessary Risk in Construction Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry. According to OSHA, 65% of construction workers in the U.S. use scaffolding as part of their job. These temporary platforms allow workers to repair, renovate, clean, and build structures. OSHA mandates employee training and has strict standards for how scaffolding […]

Certain industries are complex and call for a specialist’s touch. In the crane, inland marine, equipment rental & party goods dealers, and scaffolding markets, a specialty insurance provider is best suited to handle specialty risk. It’s different from working with a generic insurer and that difference will properly protect clients. The odds are good that […]

Rental equipment is at a great risk of theft compared to other equipment. This is for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are some great ways to protect against rental equipment theft. People using rental equipment are less likely to take appropriate precautions for its security, because it’s rented, replaceable and not vital to the […]

Common Scaffolding Risks

by Mike Viola

Scaffolding is an essential component of most construction projects. Not only do they provide support to workers and their tools while on the job, they also make it easier for personnel to access areas of the structure that would otherwise be difficult to reach. As important and as widely used as scaffolds are, common scaffolding […]

Ascinsure Specialty Risk LLC is excited to announce the recent hire of Josie Urbanski, who will join the Ascinsure team as a Business Development Manager. Within this role, Ms. Urbanski will be responsible for developing and cultivating broker relationships, as well as handle new and renewal business for Ascinsure’s exclusive niche insurance programs within her […]

Insurance underwriting is the process of assessing the risk associated with a proposed insurance policy. Many factors go into determining risk, and whether a corporation is insurable. Underwriters determine the premiums needed to accept the proposed insurance policy. They only decide these premiums if they deem the circumstances are acceptable. Insurance underwriting can be confusing, […]

When you think of inland marine coverage, you probably assume you don’t need it because you associate the word “marine” with water. The term “inland” further adds to the confusion on what exactly this insurance covers. Inland marine insurance covers a variety of issues. For example, you need this insurance for equipment that leaves your […]