Top Risk Reducers

9 Game-changing ways to reduce risk, heighten education, and drive efficiency

1. Workers Compensation MOD Reviews

The MOD is a numeric representation of your business’s loss and claim history and is important when it comes to determining your premium. Ascinsure can review your MOD and help you construct a plan to help you either maintain or improve it.

2. Online OSHA 300 Logs

Through the MyWave Elements platform, you can easily stay in compliance with this and all OSHA requirements. Keeping and posting your OSHA 300 logs can be a headache. Ascinsure has a solution that makes it easy for you to update, review, and post your OSHA 300 logs.

3. Insurance Contract Compliance Reviews

Ascinsure can review a contract’s insurance related provisions and provide you with solutions to meet the insurance requirements.

4. Claims Services

Let Ascinsure work with you to bring about resolution to your portfolio of open claims. Our Claims Consultant brings over 30 years of claim consulting and client advocacy experience to his position.

5. Loss Control Services

Let our loss control services help reduce your exposures by reviewing and analyzing past claims. Our Loss Control Manager will work closely with you to identify your risks and help prepare a plan for addressing them. Ascinsure can also provide guidance on:

  • Identifying loss exposures
  • Writing safety manuals
  • Writing rental agreements
  • Fire prevention
  • Equipment maintenance logs
  • Customer pre-qualifications
  • Hand signals
  • ANSI standards
  • Regulatory compliance such as OSHA
  • Additional industrial safety and occupational health training
  • Certified Crane Inspector on staff
  • and much more…

6. Educational Webinars

Ascinsure’s commitment to safety and loss control includes education programs such as quarterly online webinars on topics such as towing and load securement, DOT regulations, equipment theft and more. Client Gateway

7. Ascinsure Connect Risk Management Platform

A personalized risk management web site exclusively available to our clients. It offers an extensive resource library of loss control and safety-related tools including up-to-date OSHA and compliance information. Want to know more?

8. ISNetworld Certification Solution Compliance

Ascinsure can help you gather and submit the most timely and relevant information so you are always in compliance with ISNetworld standards. Reaching ISNetworld standards can be a confusing and time consuming task, let Ascinsure simplify this process for you and make sure you will always reach your highest ratings.

9. 24/7 Online Certificate Issuance

The automated CSR-24 platform allows you to access your certificates of insurance and auto ID cards anytime- weekends, holidays or after hours. CSR-24 is optimized for use with desktops/laptops, tablets, and smartphones! Features include the ability to send certs directly to your email.

We can work with you to help manage your risks and reduce your total insurance costs.

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